Custom fitting service has been specifically designed to take you to the next level of cycling.

Are you experiencing numb hands when riding long distance, knees hurting, neck pain or your butt sore from your saddle? These are some of the issues that accure when not properly sized and fitted to your bike.

PRO FITTING was developed for cyclist seeking to find their ideal ergonomic bicycle seat and handlebar position, to calculate the perfect frame geometry.

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The Goal  

Fitting your bike to your body is most important! And fitting to your riding style is the step to improving your on the bicycle experience and to achieve your goals. Bicycle fitting accomplishes that balance of comfort, efficiency, power and aerodynamics.

Fitting Session

The proper bicycle fit involves the individual. Excellent bicycle fit practice’s allow the cyclist to interact with their bike in a manner that it will minimize their exposure to injury or pain. The fit session is all about you and what you want to achieve in your fit session:

  1. Equipment Assessment

  2. Personal Goals

  3. Past History in Cycling

  4. Correct Positioning to reach your goals

  5. Recommendations to enhance Bicycle performance

bike fitting is based on long term goals and over a period of time to drive your improvements and strengths to your personal goals. A custom bike fitting well help allow the accomplishment to excel your goals in century rides, triathlons or competing in local and national bicycling championships.



When purchasing a bike from Vegas Bike Store the fitting is free.