club-vbs.jpgClub VBS is not your ordinary cycling club, this club is multiple clubs all in one!

Come have fun on our weekly rides that are posted on our ride page.

All levels of rides for all types of riders and bikes. 


Las Vegas has enjoyed a growing culture of bicycle riding and racing in recent years. It can be a great way to stay fit and network. There are roads of all kinds for riders of any skill level from flatland to steeply sloped mountain roads. Whether you want to get competitive and turn gears with the fiercest racers around or just get outside for some fresh air, exercise and the social experience, biking is the new wave.


Safety is a primary concern for a cyclist at any level. A good bike and the appropriate gear are absolutely necessary and Vegas Bike Store has all your needs. Get your bike customized to your needs in any way you like. Freely choose a comfortable saddle, your preference of handlebars, tires and a frame suited to whatever terrain you choose, and the helmet and athletic gear that will keep you safe and comfortable on the road. If you are just starting out or a seasoned rider, Vegas Bike Store has what you need.


Maybe those friendly bike rides have turned into competitive sprints and now you’re looking for something a little more serious. Just maybe you’re ready to race and you want to enjoy the camaraderie of training and racing with a team.


Join Club VBS for only $195.00



•VBS Cycling Jersey 

•VBS Cycling Shorts or Bibs with an additional cost of $20.00

•15% OFF all accessories