Bicycle Safety


Unless a rider is in the park or on private property, it is likely that he or she will be riding in traffic. In order to enjoy the highest level of safety while riding around cars, it is crucial to follow the regulations that were designed to keep cyclists safe. This typically means wearing a helmet and reflective clothing, riding with traffic, using hand signals and other strategies. This approach gives riders the best chance of arriving safely. In spite of taking all possible precautions, it is always wise for someone on a bike to assume that the motorists do not see him or her. This defensive approach can ensure that a ride ends up being a joy and not a tragedy. Before venturing out on a bike trip, it is imperative that a rider understands the bicycle laws and rules in the area where he or she is riding. Rules are put in place for the safety of everyone using the road. Following the rules increase the chances of having an enjoyable ride. Helmet safety, hand signals, safety inspections and adherence to riding regulations ensure that riders have the best chance to stay safe. Whether riding in a park in the city or along a winding country road, following the rules of the road helps to keep a cyclist safe.


Chain Cleaning


In much the same way as a car owner needs to perform basic maintenance to get his vehicle running smoothly, a cyclist needs to do some bicycle maintenance to maximize the pleasure of being on a bike. While pedal and handlebar maintenance is very important, cleaning a chain is one of the most important tasks for anyone to perform on their bike. The chain must move freely and cannot have rocks or other debris caught in it. Once it is free from obstructions, the chain should be greased to ensure that it moves without impingement, allowing the wheels to turn effectively. This simple task can help a rider enjoy a bike trip safely. Vegas Bike Store can take care of that for you, call us today!


Changing Pedals


An important aspect of enjoying a leisurely bike ride is performing the proper bicycle maintenance. There are very few parts to a bicycle, yet they can have devastating results if you do not properly care for them. One of the most important things to consider is changing your pedals as they wear out or become damaged. Because it is one of the primary points of contact between a rider and his bike, a faulty pedal can cause great harm should a problem arise or emergency occur. Most styles of pedals can be replaced by removing one simple nut. Such a precaution can help people to keep their bikes safe and enjoy their rides even more.


Pedaling Correct


Let's make pedaling your bike easy, place the balls of your feet on the pedals, the best way to direct your leg power into forward motion of the pedal, also provides better bike control than other foot positions, If you have trouble reaching the pedals with the balls of your feet, contact Vegas Bike Store for a bike fit. We also recommend using closed-toe shoes with grippy bottoms that ensure you don't slip off the pedals. Do not pedal while turning the bike in a corner, coasting through with your inside leg up works best, when turning to the left, have the left pedal up, if you're turning to the right, keep your right pedal up, positioning your pedal at 12 o'clock or higher as you enter the turn and exit the turn in same position, beginning to pedal too soon could result in your pedal hitting the ground and causing the bike to jump which will disrupt your ability to handle the bike.