You've decided to buy a bike! Today there are more models offered than ever before. With advancements in technology, a variety of group sets, and wide range in pricing, just walking into a bike shop might make one overwhelmed.

Don't be! Having so many choices is a good thing because it increases the likelihood you'll find the bike that’s right for you.

Vegas Bike Store has put together a comprehensive guide for finding your ideal bike. Let’s get started!

Answer These Questions:
Before visiting Vegas Bike Store bicycle showroom, we need to consider the use of your new bike once you purchase it.

  • Will you be an entry level rider?
  • What type of surface will you be riding on (pavement, dirt, or in-between)?
  • To improve fitness?
  • Interested in touring?
  • Become competitive in road, mountain, or triathlon disciplines?
  • Commuting to work or riding around town?

Analyze Yourself:
Consider how many miles you might want to log in per week, month, or year. Likewise, consider the various options in components and accessories in the purchase process. Do you consistently demand the highest quality? Do you like high-tech gadgets or just simple designs? Additionally, it helps to know your budget or how much you can spend to narrow down the appropriate model.

By answering these questions we will better the chances that you get the bicycle that suits you best and make your Vegas Bike Store experience an incredible one. We look forward to meeting you.